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 4.4 Use Track Splitter™


Track Splitter™ technology
Audio Playback Recorder (3D MP3 Sound Recorder ) implements the standard features of many available sound recorders but incorporates one extremely useful feature that sets it apart: its Track Splitter™ technology allows you to record audio streams from CD or Internet Radio that are split into separate WAV/MP3/WMA files automatically. This means that you don't have to baby-sit the process as other audio recorders demand. Nor do you have to convert CD music files from CDA to WAV/MP3/WMA one track at a time.

Tracks are separated by silence. 3D MP3 Sound Recorder can detect silence in the sound source automatically and save each track to different files. With this method, you can set the length of silence for splitting, This enables you to make decision on what kind of silence can split tracks. If you don't want split tracks, you can also use this method to eliminate silence in the sound files, this is much useful when your audio stops for buffering or if there is net congestion.

Track Splitter™ Configuration
According to your setting, the Audio Playback Recorder will pause, stop recording or create new files when signal changes.. Click the signal setup button , you will see the signal setup window. You can set signal threshold and action types. The possible action types can be:
Only one sound file will be created. The recorder will pause when sound signal  goes out and continue to record when sound signal comes back. You need to click stop button to stop recording.
Only one sound file will be created. The recorder will stop recording  when sound signal goes out.
New File
Multiple files will be created. Every time sound signal goes out and comes back again, a new file will be created. You need to click stop button to stop recording.

Delay---- Select a number from 0  to 25 seconds for the period of silence that must pass before a new file is created. This feature prevents a new file from being created when there is a short period of silence within a certain music or speech track.

Threshold -- in dB scale.  If signal level high than the threshold,  it's a sound signal. otherwise, it will be treated as silence. As mention above, the program will do proper process according to your settings.

Tip:  How to determine the silence level  and set correct threshold 
Do not play anything, start signal recording (by press down the Yellow "Start" button ), pay attention to the signal window, take a note on the signal dB level value (this should be the silence level ), then set the threshold a little bit higher than that value. for example:
If the silence value is -30dB, you can set the threshold as -25dB , -20dB etc

Start Track Splitter™ recording 
Use the Yellow "Start" button to start the Track Splitter recording, not the regular record button. when this button being pressed, the regular record button also being pressed down automatically. If no signal detected, the Pause button is alos pressed down automatically.


Dynamically adjust threshold
When you start Track Splitter™ recording , an slider control will appear for you to adjust the threshold  dynamically. as show in the following picture:


When will you need to use signal recording mode?    
. Record sound from internet.  
  Due to the  speed of internet connection, when you play video or audio online, the media player (like Realplayer, windows media player ) often needs to pause playing and buffer  from media source. In this case, you never could  correctly record a song form internet. Now , it's possible with signal recording mode.
First , make sure the Audio Playback Recorder is in the status for playback recording, (if it is not, please   Configure audio line for playback recording ).
Second ,set action type of signal recording mode to Pause.
Third, start media player to play internet media , then Press the signal recording mode button down (  )to start signal mode recording. 
Finally , when you finish recording , click on stop button to stop. 
 . Rip CD to MP3 or WAV files ( CD ripper )
  You can use signal recording mode to rip all CD tracks to MP3 or WAV files. Just set action type of signal recording mode to New File,  Press the signal recording mode button down ( )to start signal mode recording, then play the CD. After all CD tracks have been played or you want to stop recording, click  stop button.
 . Synchronize recording
  With signal recording mode , you can synchronize recording at beginning and stopping. As the result , you will not miss sound at beginning  and you will not record silence into files.

Set  action type of signal recording mode to Stop. Press the signal recording mode button down to start signal mode recording, then start media player to play audio. The recorder will stop automatically when playing finish.


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