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4.3 Audio line configuration

Click the audio configuration button . Open the audio line configuration window:

Audio Lines 
Each socket represents an input audio line for current audio capture device. To select an audio line as an input source, click on the socket you want to select, then the audio line will be activated.
if a   line name is in color purple , means this line is the  active line. If a line has a plug on it, means this line is select for 3D MP3 recorder, every time when you start recording, this line will be activated.

The volume control is to control the input volume for selected line. It only affect the input level for the select line.

The balance control is to control the input signal of selected line. Put to the middle position, will allow signals come form both left and right channels.  if put to the end of left, only signal from left channel will be recorded.


"Device" Button
Use this button to Select a audio capture device if you have more than one in your PC.


"Auto Detect" button
the "Auto Detect" button is used to find audio line for streaming recording. Click  the "Auto Detect" button and the program will test each line, and show the result on the information screen.


"Record Ctrl" button
"Record Ctrl" button is used to open the audio capture control window of the operating system,you can select line,enable or disable devices.

In Windows XP, you will see the following picture:


In Windows 7, you will see following pictures:

Microphone switch
This button is used to switch audio line to microphone , When you press down and hold  the left button of the mouse on this button, the active line will be switched the line of microphone,  If you release the mouse button, the active line will be switched to the preset one.

This is very useful is you want to record voice chat or VoIP.


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