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4.5 Use Schedule Recording

Contents of most audio stream program are different from minute to minute. The purpose of time schedule recording mode is to make it easier to record  voice stream by using 3D MP3 Sound  Recorder G2

The schedule recording mode is very useful if you want to record sound from net radio or other live stream online. According to your setting, the 3D MP3 Sound  Recorder G2 will pause or create new files for your specified time periods. 

Schedule list
You  can add as many entries as you want. Each entry is a time frame for recording. it consists start time, end time , date, streaming URL, and loading time of the URL. You can add ,update and delete the entries. 


Start time and End Time
You can directly input the values of hour, minute and second in the edit box, or use the slider to set the values. The start time should be early than the endi time.


Set date for the time frame
you can also set the date for a  time frame in the list. If  one time frame is assigned a date, then this time frame will only be activated on that day. For example : if you have two frame in the list : 10:10:10 - 11:00:01 and 12:05:06-12:55:08. The second has been assigned the date on March 8th,2003, so the second one has the format: 12:05:06-12:55:08|3/8/2003. During time  10:10:10 - 11:00:01 the recorder will record every day. But during 12:05:06-12:55:08 , the recorder only record on  March 8th,2003..


Streaming URL and Loading time
3D MP3 Sound  Recorder G2 can activate a specified stream for each time frame. So you can record different channels from time to time. 3D MP3 Sound  Recorder G2 use your default web browser to active the URL, it better to use a web URL for the streaming source. The Loading time is the time need for the URL to be loaded, This the before the start time of the frame. 
for example:
   Time frame is             01:05:00 - 01:05:30
   Streaming URL :
   Loading time :           5  (seconds)      

The URL will be loaded at 01:04:55 (5 seconds before the start time), the record will start at 01:05:00 , at 01:05:30 , the record will stop and the loaded URL will be closed at that time.


Schedule Mode
The schedule can be set as absolute or relative time. 
Absolute :  
  the time set in the frame is the actual time.  If  a time frame is 01:05:00 - 01:05:30, that means the recording will start at  one o'clock  and 5 minute.
  the time set in the frame is the relative time to the time when you start the schedule recording. If  a time frame is 01:05:00 - 01:05:30, if you start schedule recording at 10 O'clock,  the actual recording will be at 11:05:00.



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