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4.1 Output Settings

Click the Output button . Open the file output window:


File Name
The file name you want to use for recording
Where the recorded audio file will be in
Enable Multiple Files
MP3 or WAV sound file name can be changed automatically  by applying multiply file mechanism .So you can continuously  record MP3 or WAV sound file  without interruption.
Enable Multiple Files, the program will use the multiple mechanism to create files. Every time you click the record button, the recording file name will be changed automatically.  for example:  if  the file name is "C:\ApRec.wav" , and you pushed the button down, first time you click the record button, the program uses  "C:\ApRec_Apr1.WAV " as the file name for recording. Second time you click the record button , it will use the name as "C:\ApRec_Apr2.WAV" for recording, and so on
Use Time Stamped File 
The file name will be in the format of:  yyyymmdd-HHMMSS.MP3 or yyyymmdd-HHMMSS.WAV, where yyyy is the number of the year, mm is the month , dd is the day, HH is the hour, MM is the minutes and SS is the seconds.
Alert Before Overwriting
If the file already exist, enable this option will give you a chance to decide overwriting or not



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