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4.2 Output file format configuration

4.2.1 WAV file Format 

    The WAV format will use the settings of sampling


Samples per second (sample frequency)
 for CD quality sound, the frequency is 44KHZ, 48 KHZ used in DVD.
Sample bit rate
16 bit or 8 bit. Where 16 bit will create higher quality sound, 8 bit will create smaller file.
stereo or mono

4.2.2 MP3 file Format 

Click the format setup button for MP3 to open the setup window for MP3 format


Set MP3 parameters
Bitrate (KBS)
 The number of bits of encoded data that are used to represent each second of audio. Typically rates chosen are between 128 and 320 kilobit per second. By contrast, uncompressed audio as stored on a compact disc has a bit rate of 1411.2 kbit/s (16 bits/sample ?44100 samples/second ?2 channels).

3D MP3 sound recorder support bit rates : 8, 16, 24,32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256 and 320 kbit/s.  Higher bitrate will create higher quality sound, lower  bitrate  will create smaller file.

ID3 Tag
3D MP3 sound recorder support  ID3 Tags. you can set the proper values as you want.

4.2.3 WMA file Format

Click the format setup button for WMA to open the setup window for WMA format


Set WMA parameters
WMA Attributes
All attributes are optional. you can set the values you want, or leave them empty.
Format is the encode format. you must select a encode format.

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