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4.7 Record voice chat and VoIP

Because most sound cards do not support record playback and microphone at same time, to record voice chat is difficult. If you set to record from playback line, you will not be able to record your own voice, and the peer cannot hear your voice either. if you set to record from microphone,  you are unable to record incoming voice. So if you want to record both voices , you need to change the audio line from time to time. Usually this will be a big headache. 
3D MP3 Sound Recorder G2 make this simple for you. Although it's not full duplex, but it's possible for you to record both incoming and your own voice. To do this ,open the audio line configuration window:


Set the audio line to the playback recording (Stereo Mix in this example).  Start recording, now you can record the incoming voice, but not your voice. at this time, your peer can not here your voice if you speak now. When you begin to speak, you need to press down  and hold the left mouse button of the microphone button as shown in the above picture. now, your voice can be recorded and be delivered to the peer. release the mouse button to record incoming voice again.

Find the audio line for  microphone
the recorder can fine the audio line for microphone automatically.  If it's not correct due to some reasons (for example the name of microphone line is not a standard name), you can manually  assign an audio line for microphone , just check the check box besides the line.

If you want normal chat without recording, you need to set the audio line to microphone, otherwise your voice will not be delivered.

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