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4.8 Apply noise reduction


3D MP3 Sound Recorder G2 allows you to reduce some noise from your  recording in real time.  

4.8.1 Configuration

Click the background setting button to open the configuration window.

Noise Gating
A noise gate ,blocks signals whose amplitude lies below a certain threshold, and lets other signals through. It usually has controls for attack time and release time.

Attack time:
The attack time is the time during which a signal is fades in from the gated state.

Release time:
The release time is the time during which a signal is faded into the gated state.

Low pass filter
Allows lower frequencies than a certain predetermined frequency level to pass.(10000 to 20000 HZ)
High pass filter
Pass all frequencies above a certain frequency (0 to 10000 HZ ).

4.8.2 Apply noise reduction

Enable these options from front panel, the effect will be added to the recording.


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